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Yuri has become one of the most complete and successful in Mexico thanks to a successful career of over 30 years interpreters. His 27 albums have sold over 10 million copies and have creditor made countless No. 1 hits on radio and awards (Grammys, Billboard, Lo Nuestro, etc.) at national and international levels, as well as discs GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND.


Yuridia Valenzuela Canseco, born in the state of Veracruz on January 6, 1964; artistically known as Yuri, is a popular singer, actress and presenter who has remained in force in the Latin show in the last three decades.

In 1979 Yuri participates in the festival of the Organization of Iberoamerican Television (OTI) Mexican knockout and jury awards, by unanimous vote, the award for “Female Revelation of the festival”, which brings him to his record you will record the following year with producer Julio Jaramillo hopes the album; reaching its first major success with the subject Hopes and began his acting career in soap operas like ‘Colorina’ next to Lucia Mendez and Veronica next to Cristian Bach. Its international starts and the album was released in Central America, South America, Caribbean and the United States. First Love, You will return and gum are placed on top of the charts throughout Latin America.

In 1981 is competing for the second time in the OTI festival obtaining third nationally and the “Award for Best Female performer” with Deja, Jose Maria Napoleon. The following year with their third album “Full of sweetness” gets Gold Record for Latin America thanks to the songs My shyness, full of sweetness, You and me, this love is no longer playing and Maldita Primavera (Castilian version of the Song: Spring Maledetta Italian singer Loretta Goggi) and becomes the first Latin singer to get “Disco de Oro” in Spain.

That same year he recorded the single Little Panda De Chapultepec dedicated to the first Panda born in captivity whose single over a million units sold. She was invited to the International Song Festival of Viña del Mar (Chile) and gets the coveted “Silver Torch”, being the first Mexican singer to get this award. Continued success in 1983 with their fourth album, Yuri and shoots his second film ‘Sing Chamo’, next to the Venezuelan musical group Los Chamos. The year 1984 was particularly good for Yuri, because with their fifth album, Karma Kamaleón continued in the first places of popularity, and was the third time when he decides to participate in the OTI, the best times song written by Sergio Andrade, win the national competition and represents Mexico in international stage, earning third place and the “Award for best performer of the festival.”
In 1985 signed a contract with EMI and recorded the album I ask love, nominated for Grammy Awards, and placing the successes I ask Love, Leave it and give me a kiss. Appears in Playboy magazine in a study conducted under the lens posing Pompeo; Magazine sales soared but Yuri did not appear nude. In 1986 Yuri publishes the LP, which shows she is more classic than me and A Wounded Heart.
successful album in 1987 the Air is edited, with topics such as What is it?, At low tide and Amores clandestine conquer the top of the charts throughout the Americas. What is it? even get the record on Billboard Hot Latin Tracks as the song that was number one time throughout the period of the eighties, for 16 consecutive weeks remaining in that position and 33 overall in the list.
Given this success, Sony Label Music hires and produces the album Isla del sol, which includes dance rhythms like, rap, pop, rock and ballads, placing songs with great success as Men on the Verge of a jealous rage (which becomes the number one on Billboard Hot Latin Tracks), Impossible Love you like I, I can not go and “Hello” the latter being nominated for best video at the Grammy Awards. It is awarded the international prize Lo Nuestro Latin music. Actor Don Johnson is interested in Yuri and recorded a duet song A better place (“A Better Place”), recording only official English Yuri to date. In September 1989 its tenth record production editing. Sui Generis, which the Bewitched simple (I’m) it off, I have to want to, it’s useless now and My Neighbor
After her divorce, gives a twist to his career by releasing his aggressive album’m free, same as at 3 months after leaving the market had sold half a million copies, which singles who are you emerge, you know what happens, all my heart, Blackout and A Romance, all with a huge acceptance in radio. Again breaks sales record with her ​​appearance in Playboy magazine and has his show No limits, even receiving recognition from audiences and critics for its outstanding quality, which led to the press and fans to compare with Madonna.
In 1991 shooting in Miami his first movie as the protagonist’m free with Omar Fierro and was published in Brazil album Isla del sol, with four songs in Portuguese: Hey hey (Men on the verge of an attack), All (Hello), Não we iguais (We Can More) and Cry Paixão (I live two). During the following year (1992), Yuri changed her hair color to red, as part of the image of his twelfth album, Obsessions. This footage was recorded and edited in London and which promotional items to Say Goodbye, Perfect Chemistry (where does a duet with Luis Enrique), That’s life and polygamy, with the latter three the most successful in popularity fell off . In 1993 Launches New Era, whose simple behind my window, the singer Ricardo Arjona My friend, fail again early sales sites.
Given this success, Yuri decided in 1994 to accept the offer to encourage the program not move, comic-musical program that was transmitted with good public acceptance, a fact that led him to star in the telenovela Fresh Start with the Puerto Rican singer Chayanne, quickly standing first hearing in Mexico and takes her to be known in places which lacked fame as Argentina. Parallel hits stores Reencuentros album with some tracks not previously edited and the soundtrack of the telenovela. Enter the third time in 1995 at the Festival of Viña del Mar.
The pace of work at the time devastated the health of the singer, and was detected tumors on the vocal cords and falls into depression; this situation does leave Catholicism and become Christian. In 1997 Yuri filmed autobiographical tape: Yuri, my true story; involved in duets and several recordings, mostly Christian-themed and is dedicated to giving testimony of his conversion in countless forums. Following this logic, the following year he recorded the album ‘Footprints’ under the record label Polygram leaving behind her image and writes his first song, Maria Magdalena; And the simple how are you? occupies the first place of popularity in Latin America, Mexico and Billboard also sound simple and today I am happy that we are together.

Not until 2002 when he decided to return to Veracruz music and recording Enamorada, disco 18th of his career, which takes the path of pop and ballads. The following new features firm Sony Music year and recorded an album of Mexican folk music titled Yuri where duets with renowned artists such as Vicente Fernandez, Ana Barbara Mijares, Pandora and Lupe Esparza included.
in 2005 and three consecutive seasons, becomes the host of the reality show “Fama” recorded in Puerto Rico, and in 2006 a duet album entitled Acompáñame Mijares, who achieved great success in sales in Mexico is edited. At the same time the tour starts “Sing sing” by Mijares and Ricardo Montaner. She also participates as part of the jury at the reality: Singing for a Dream. Presents the February 14, 2007 a ​​concert is recorded for a DVD and CD released in early September under the name Live history, standing fast in the first place, earning recognition for its high sales.
In January 2008 is contracted by Televisa to encourage Sunday “Night of Stars” program in which in which Yuri duets with guest artists participated, highlighting those performed with Lupita D’alessio, Enrique Iglesias and Juanes became popular. In December of that year goes on sale its new pop album titled My cute little daughter.
Starts Yuri 2009 appearing on 14 February and 26 March with full house at the National Auditorium, where he first did a tribute to the singer Madonna. Also, on 11 and 12 September is again in the National Auditorium in Mexico City. Signing with Warner Music Mexico, announces the release of a CD + DVD of his previous performances. It is nominated for the award “Las Lunas del Auditorio” Best Ballad show. Prepares its fifth concert at the National Auditorium in a year, for 27 November, becoming the 3rd female singer to appear more times in a year, this enclosure.
sellouts After that Yuri won in the National Auditorium ago just a few months, the most dear jarocha Mexico presents his new live album, recorded entirely from the enclosure’s most important concert of Latin America: The National Auditorium. This is a brand new live album called “The Concert”; it includes their biggest hits, but with totally new arrangements, costumes, production, dancers; etc.

Under the production Scott Erickson (Barbra Streisand, Barry Manilow, Peabo Bryson), YURI finished recording the album # 24 on his successful career as a singer, the title: “Unusual”. “Unusual” includes large Samo unreleased songs composed by vocalist Camila Mariano Maldonado, Salvador Rizo (Alejandra Guzmán, Ha * Ash, Yuridia) and Alejandro Zepeda (Cristian, José José), among many others. “Unusual” included the participation of great musicians such as Michael Thompson on guitar (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cher, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera), Lee Sklar on bass (Sting, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, Santana, James Taylor) Charlie Morgan on batteries (Elton John, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Tina Turner), among others. The “Unusual” album was recorded in Mexico City and Los Angeles, California and was mixed by Rafa Sardina (Luis Miguel, Alejandro Sanz, Stevie Wonder).

Again Veracruz YURI singer breaks into the music scene with an amazing concept album entitled “My tribute to the festival” which is nothing but a fitting tribute to the great songs of the famous and the OTI festival.

Under executive produced by Armando Avila and Juan Carlos Moguel address YURI presented in 2011 the album “My tribute to the festival” which includes new versions of songs that once made ​​famous voices of Ana Gabriel (Ay Amor! ), Arianna (If today I want to forget), Cristal (Softly), Emmanuel (the end), Estela Nunez (Living without you), Imelda Miller (How happy will Mary), Jose Maria Napoleon (Live), Lila Deneken (It requests an adventure), Lupita D’Alessio (Like you), Maria Medina (Victim or thief), Yuri (left), Natalia Sosa (My life) and Yuri (there’s always tomorrow.)
In 2013, YURI record PREFERRED AREA ” MY TRIBUTE TO THE FESTIVAL “, a spectacular album recorded completely live from the Teatro de la Ciudad (Mexico DF) in which Yuri was accompanied for the first time, by the most representative voices of the famous Festival OTI, thereby achieving, relive the best songs that made ​​time a few decades ago. Earlier this year, YURI bursts back into the music scene with the album “MY TRIBUTE TO THE FESTIVAL” Two; continuation of volume one it was launched in late 2011 and which was awarded to DOUBLE PLATINUM for high sales in Mexico.

This November Yuri gave a concert at the National Auditorium Sold Outs on dates 22, 23 and 24 November, giving the greatest gala female subjects in Spanish music, and share the stage, historical and legendary themes voice with another great artist: Lupita Dalessio. What’s more, Yuri and prepares for his next album that surely, as it has done throughout his career reach the hearts of all Mexico …

Other albums
• 1983: Yes, I’m well (published in Spain)
• 1984: You and I (edited in Spain)
• 1989: Some of my life (including sides by unreleased songs before officially)
• 1991: Isla del Sol (Brazil Edition, with 4 songs in Portuguese)
• 1994: Reunions (compilation contains 3 unreleased tracks)
• 1998: My testimony (Spoken Word Album which includes the song “Who am I”).
• 2001: In the light (compilation Christian songs, 1 unreleased track)

Collaborations official duets
1. And now together with Oscar Athié (1984)
2. I will sing, I will sing with Latin American artists (1985)
3. Two in one, with Jimmy Osmond (1986)
4. Come sing with cast EMI (1986)
5. This Christmas, with cast EMI and Melody (1987)
6. There are a thousand different worlds, with cast EMI (1988)
7. A better place / A better place, with Don Johnson (1989)
8. Paint it with Luis Angel (1990)
9. Always faithful, with cast Sony (1990)
10. Perfect chemistry with Luis Enrique (1992)
11. Together with Uniko-ko (1994)
12. Hey Jude, with cast Sony (1995)
13. And everyone is you, Tito Enriquez (1995)
14. Medley: Joyful sing, Susana Zabaleta, Alejandra Avalos and Sasha Sokol (1995)
15. Quimbara with Celia Cruz (1997)
16. Burundanga with Celia Cruz (1997)
17. Peace of Soul, with Torre Fuerte and Rodrigo Espinoza (1997)
18. Come to my house this Christmas, with cast Polygram (1997)
19. Today we are together, Rodrigo Espinoza (1998)
20. I am here, with artists united by Chiapas (1999)
21. For good Mexicans with Mexican artists (2001)
22. The last goodbye, with Hispanic artists (2001)
23. What I dreamed, with Rodrigo Espinoza (2001)
24. He is to arrive with Alex D’Castro (2003)
25. And you came with Mijares (2004)
26. Things of love with Ana Bárbara (2004)
27. Potpourri Juan Gabriel, Pandora (2004)
28. Let there be no marking, with Guadalupe Esparza (2004)
• Four lives, Vicente Fernandez (2004)
• This Christmas, with Moderatto, Mijares, Pandora and Sergio Fachelli (2005)
• Come with me, CD of duets with Mijares (2006)
• There response, with Christian artists (2006)
• Now is the time, Christian artists (2007)
• All my heart, The Children of Sanchez (2008)
• Thanks, with Kumbia All Starz (2008)
• Love life, with various artists (2008)
• The Múcura with Nigga (2009)

Other official recordings
• Quimbara, included in the album Electric Apple 1978
• Goodbye Manhattan for Gamma demo recorded in 1978, published in 1989
• The Rime of the hobo, b side of the single “You Light Up My Life” (1978)
• Always no tomorrow, subject that participated in the OTI (1979)
• Face to face, including the South American version of “Full of sweetness” (1981)
• Yes, I am as well, including the Spanish version of “Yuri (I I love you, I love you) “(1983)
• Best times, subject that participated in the OTI (1984)
• I do not know what’s included in the Spanish version of “Karma Kamaleón (You and I)” (1984)
• Today I feel free, I included in the Spanish version of “Karma Kamaleón (You and I)” (1984)
• Campana sobre campana, including in the album “Eternal Christmas” (1986)
• The inns, including in the album ” Come and sing “(1987)
• The Bicycle worship the sun, including album “Once Upon a Time” (1988)
• Best single side b audio cassette “Hi-Remix” (1989)
• Cassette love, including in album “Something of My Life” (1989)
• It will not happen again, including in the album “Something of My Life” (1989)
• Make-theme Nacho Cano from the album “Something of My Life” (1989)
• The bell, including in the album “Mexico, voice and feeling” (1990)
• What little I have left, including in the album “Mexico, voice and feeling vol. II “(1991)
• Hey hey, Portuguese theme from the album “Isla del Sol (Brasil Edition)” (1991)
• Nao are iguais theme in Portuguese from the album “Isla del Sol (Brasil Edition)” ( 1991)
• Scream paixao theme in Portuguese from the album “Isla del Sol (Brasil Edition)” (1991)
• All theme in Portuguese from the album “Isla del Sol (Brasil Edition)” (1991)
• Things shtick, including in the album “Dare” (1994)
• The mirror, included in the album “Of love and hate” (1995)
• Obladi Oblada, including in the album “Hey Jude” (1995)
• The boa, included in Album “Our Anniversary” (1996)
• Taste me, from the album “Piano, voice and feeling” (1997)
• Celebrate, item included on the album “Israel” (1998)
• ​​Veracruz, including in the album ” Anthology of mariachi vol. 6 “(1998)
• ​​Creole Night, featured on the album “Anthology of mariachi vol. 6 “(1998)
• ​​Blue Key, included on the album “Anthology of mariachi vol. 6 “(1998)
• ​​The cumbancha, including in the album “Anthology of mariachi vol. 6 “(1998)
• ​​ABCD, including in the album “The friends of Chabelo” (1999)
• Shine the stars, including in the album “Goodnight” (2006)
• Angels of colors, including in the album “Goodnight” (2006)
• Alms for the poor old, included in the “Superstars at Christmas” (2007) album
• At low tide (version 2008), included in the album “The 80’s Today” (2008)

1. 1982 The Amazing Panda de Chapultepec
2. Damn spring 1982
3. 1985 I ask Love
4. 1985 Kiss me
five. 1986 Is it more than me
6. 1986 Campana sobre campana
7. 1987 Bicycles worship the sun
8. 1987 Las posadas
9. 1988 What’s wrong
10. 1988 When the tide
11. 1988 Men on the edge of a jealous rage
12. Hello 1988
13. 1988 I can not over
14. 1989 A Better Place / A better place (duet with Don Johnson)
15. 1989 I have to love
16. 1990 You know what happens
17. 1990 Blackout (2 versions)
18. 1990 All my heart
19. 1992 Say Goodbye
20. 1992 Perfect Chemistry (duet with Luis Enrique)
21. Polygamy 1992
22. 1993 Behind my window
23. 1993 My dear
24. Restart 1994
25. 1994 Together (duet with Unik-ko)
26. 1995 What You better pretend
27. 1995 Fool me
28. 1998 And how are you
29. 1998 I’m Happy
30. 2000 May your faith never die
31. 2001 The last goodbye with Hispanic artists
32. 2002 You do not live in me
33. 2005 Callados
34. 2006 There is an answer
35. 2010 Arrepentida
36. 2011 Ay Amor
37. 2013 At the end

1. Miracle at the Circus (1978)
2. Kidnapping in Acapulco, also known as “Chamo Sing” (1983)
3. Always on Sunday (1983)
4. I’m Free (1991)
5. High instincts (1995)
6. Yuri, my true story (1999)

Colorina • (1982)
• Veronica (1983)
• Fresh Start (1994)
• Children Live! (2002)
• The Most Beautiful Ugly (special collaboration with Mijares) (2007)

National and International Awards
1979: Award for Newcomer of the Mexican OTI 1979.
1980: Gold Record for the sale of 1,000,000 Units for his album esperanzar
1981: Double Gold and Platinum record by selling nearly 2,000,000 units for his album Full of Sweetness. This album gets Gold in Spain, the first gold record awarded to an American singer for sales above 50,000 units only in Spain. Full of Sweetness scored awards in gold albums for his high sales in Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Panama and Venezuela.
Award Award for Large Siempre en Domingo.
1982: Named by Mexican OTI as the Best Singer Leave the subject year.
Award Major Award of Siempre en Domingo.
Gold in Spain (first Latina woman to win a Gold Record)
4 platinum records, 1 gold record for his album Bear Panda de Chapultepec. 2,000,000 Units sold.
1983: International Prize in Spain as Revelation.
Award Major Award of Siempre en Domingo.
1984: First place in the National Festival OTI by times Best Mexican and Best Performer Award and third place for his song, in . Festival international competition
. Silver Torch Festival of Viña del Mar. Best female performer
. Award Major Award of Siempre en Domingo
Karma gets Kamaleón-Platinum and Gold for selling 700,000 units sold.
1985: Gold Record, Platinum for selling more than 600,000 units of asking I love.
1986: Nominated for Grammy USA theme I ask love.
platinum for 250,000 units sold of A Wounded Heart.
Award Major Award of Siempre en Domingo.
1987: Get a Tribute in his native Veracruz for her artistic path.
Their album Air gets the Platinum certification for sales of over 700,000 units.
1988 Lo Nuestro Award from the Univision Network for their Air album
Platinum for selling 350,000 units of Isla del Sol
Major Award Award of Siempre en Domingo.
launches EMI hits compilation called 15 Golden Achieves get Platinum and Gold album for selling more than 350,000 units sold, one of the compilation albums of Yuri more sales obtained.
1989: Prize TV y Novelas as Singer Mayor Projection International
Award Award for Large Siempre en Domingo.
1990: ACE Award for the most outstanding singer of the year.
ARE Award for Best Show.
Disco Gold and Platinum for selling 350,000 units for his album Suigeneris
Major Award Award of Siempre en Domingo.
Confessions of Love, another hits collection released by EMI reaches 100,000 units sold.
Revista YOU Suigeneris disco singles among the 10 most important albums in Spanish in 1990.
1991: Gold and Platinum Disc for sales of over 300,000 units for his album Am Free
Two Silver Gulls in the Festival of Viña del Mar
Miss Congeniality Title and the most popular artist in the Viña del Mar Festival
Queen Festival Viña del Mar.
TV y Novelas Special Recognition for Best International Artist
Award for Best Show YOU.
Award Major Award of Siempre en Domingo.
1992: Applause Award for Best Female Singer.
Carnival Queen of Veracruz.
‘RE Award for Best Show.
Tv y Novelas Award for projection abroad
Major Award Award of Siempre en Domingo for his song The Blackout
platinum for more than 260,000 units sold his album Obsession
Magazine YOU choose the Obsessions disk among the 10 most important albums in Spanish, 1992.
1993. Prize ARE Best Female Singer
. Award ARE YOU By Best Show
Double Gold record for selling over 250,000 units in Mexico for their New Age album
Gold in USA for selling more than 200,000 units sold.
Award Award for Large Siempre en Domingo.
Revista YOU choose the New Age album among the 10 most important albums in Spanish 1993.
1994: Prize YOU By Best Theme Telenovela Restart
Award ERES for Best Female Show.
TvyNovelas Achievement Telenovela of Mayor Rating U.S. Restart
gold record for selling 100,000 units for his album Reencuentros.
1995: Award ARE for Best Female Show .
Gold Record For his album “Mirrors of the Soul.”
1997: Homage for his 25 years of career program Siempre en Domingo Raul Velasco.
Award Major Award of Siempre en Domingo.
1998: Gold Record for the album Footprints by selling more than 150,000 units.
awarded gold record in Puerto Rico for his album Footprints by selling 50,000 units on the Island
2002. Enamorada Gold Record for
2006: Platinum Disc for 100,000 units sold for its Acompáñame album duet with Mijares.
, 2007: Hey Prize in recognition of his 30 year career.
Tribute Premios Oye! for his long and successful career.
, 2008: wax statue in the museum of his important legacy Veracruz Veracruz as in the field of music … Such a ceremony presided over by Governor Fidel Herrera Beltrán Lic.
disc to Gold and Platinum YURI LIVING HISTORY by more than 100,000 copies sold …
2009: Gold Record for the album “The Concert” under Warner Music Mexico
2010: Gold Record for the album “Unusual” under Warner Music Mexico
2011: Winner 1 Torch Gold and 1 Silver at the Festival of Viña del Mar in Chile
2011: Won 1 Golden Gull Festival of Viña del Mar in Chile